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Relief, development and podcast

Jul 17, 2024

Bruce Guenther remembers his grandma describing the smell of the bread at the MCC soup kitchen in Ukraine. She received food from MCC over 100 years ago. Today, Bruce helps coordinate MCC's relief response, getting food and other basic needs to those who need it most.

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Jun 27, 2024

When pesticides are used so much it starts to harm the community, MCC partners are looking to find natural ways to grow a safe vegetable. Go into the field with us to Bogura Bangladesh where MCC staff member Jahangir Alam shows us exactly what that looks like and the challenges that come with it.


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May 15, 2024

"I didn't expect something like this program to be in jail," says EPP participant Chantelle Peele. "It was very compassionate and understanding. And it came from a place of true caring. You can sense it right away when you walked in the room that the guides, and the facilitators cared, and they genuinely wanted...

Apr 10, 2024

Myanmar has been in crisis since the military seized power again in 2021. Distributing aid is dangerous, so MCC's partners in the region face significant challenges. Meet Mr. Khong (not using his real name for security reasons), an MCC partner in Myanmar. He shares how he is navigating these dangerous conditions,...

Mar 21, 2024

Part two of the conversation with Jonathan Kuttab and Alain Epp Weaver focuses stories of Palestinian nonviolent resistance to the Israeli occupation. We also hear stories from Jad Issac, the director general of the Applied Research Institute - Jerusalem (ARIJ), an MCC partner of over 40 years.

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